Additional Links Between Yoga & Mental Health

In the last article, we talked about how Yoga can affect your mental health. Here are some additional tips to give you a clear picture of the benefits of Yoga in relation to Mental Health.


Yoga Limits the Effects of Traumatic Encounters

A tragic experience can cause trauma and result in post-traumatic stress disorder. This disease often affects women that have been abused, mental patients, and soldiers after an encounter with enemy forces. The general effects of trauma include flashbacks and nightmares. Hatha Yoga is effective in lowering the magnitude of the impacts of traumatic encounters.

Yoga Lowers Stress

Yoga is effective in calming your mind and reducing stress. Yoga involves coordination between breathing and bodily movements. The focused breathing relaxes the mind and shifts the focus of the mind on positive aspects of life. Studies show that Yoga stimulates the release of endorphins that improve your mood and stress management. Additionally, Yoga lowers the adrenaline level and blood pressure, which are elevated by stress.

Yoga Raises Optimism

A negative attitude is one of the inhibitors of productivity. Yoga trains your mind to shun negative thoughts and focus on the positive life aspects. It enhances your life satisfaction and enables you to stay optimistic.

Yoga Enhances Self-Control

Most drug addicts and unsuccessful people have little self-control. Yoga emphasizes on prolonged and focused breathing that instills self-control. Yogis are more principled and self-disciplined that people that do not practice Yoga.

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